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Goals of the LTI Student Research Symposium

The LTI Student Research Symposium is designed to increase awareness of research conducted by students within the LTI. It provides an opportunity for students to present their work and receive feedback from LTI members who may not be in their immediate research circles. At the same time, it offers LTI members with a sample of the wide range of student research topics being pursued at the LTI.

In addition to fostering discussion and interaction among LTI members, the timing of the Symposium makes it particularly useful for incoming students. While the IC research talks provide new students with information about research in the LTI, SRS presentations will give them a more clear idea of what current students in the LTI are working on.

What is the Student Research Symposium?

The LTI Student Research Symposium (SRS) is a one-day series of presentations designed both to increase awareness of the diverse aspects of language technologies research conducted by students within the LTI, as well as to introduce incoming LTI students to the work of current students.

Around ten presentations will be selected among abstracts submitted by current LTI students for presentation in the Symposium. One of the presentations will be selected for a "Best Presentation Award", which will be announced at the end of the Symposium. The winner of the "Best Presentation Award" will receive a cash prize of $500. Additionally, two Honorable Mentions will be selected, each receiving a cash prize of $100, and two $100 "Best Poster Award" will also be presented.

SRS presentations provide students with an opportunity to share their work with other LTI members, and learn about other student research in the LTI.

The presentation slides will be kept publicly available online on the Symposium website. Presenters are encouraged to link additional papers or publications related to their topic of presentation.

An oral presentation in the Symposium fulfills the yearly presentation requirement and the speaking requirement for LTI PhD and MS students.

In addition, the Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for second-year master's students who may be interested in applying to the PhD program to showcase their research abilities.