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SRS 2016

Student Research Symposium 2016

This document contains archived material from the 2016 Symposium.

2016 Winners

  • Best Presentation Award: Akash Bharadwaj ($500)
  • Honorable Mentions: Zhuyun Dai and Qizhe Xie ($100 each)
  • Best Poster Award: Paul Michel ($100)

Talk Abstracts

  • Zhuyun Dai, Chenyan Xiong, Jamie Callan.  Query-Biased Partitioning for Selective Search
  • Tanmay Sinha.  Similarity in Observable Behaviors: A Synthesis of Studies with Implications for Socially-Aware Educational Technology Design
  • Salvador Medina, Zhuyun Dai, Yingkai Gao.  Where is this? Video geolocation based on neural network features
  • Sai Krishna Rallabandi, Kalika Bali, Sunayana Sitaram.  Semisupervised Training of Bilingual DNN Models for Recognition of Codemixed Speech
  • Kai Sun, Qizhe Xie, Kai Yu.  Recurrent Polynomial Network for Dialogue State Tracking
  • Akash Bharadwaj, David Mortensen, Chris Dyer, Jaime Carbonell.  Phonologically Aware Neural Model for Named Entity Recognition in Low Resource Transfer Settings

Poster Abstracts

Poster Session
  • Tanmay Sinha.  Towards a Technology Design for Fostering Curiosity in Groupwork
  • Paul Michel, Okko Rasanen, Roland Thiollière, Emmanuel Dupoux.  Improving Phoneme Sigmentation with Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Diyi Yang.  Understanding Edit Categories and Intentions in Wikipedia
  • Dheeraj Rajagopal, Eduard Hovy, Teruko Mitamura.  Abstract Coreference Resolution

Keynote Speaker

Ravi Starzl

Student Organizers:

Tanmay Sinha
Aniket Trivedi
Ramesh Oswal
Akshat Gaur

Faculty Support:

Ravi Starzl (Main Contact)

Program Committee:

Ravi Starzl
Alan Black
Robert Frederking
LP Morency
Jamie Callan
Davi Mortensen
Mona Elsing
Tanmay Sinha
Siddha Ganju
Diyi Yang
Zhaohui Wu
Esha Keni
Aniket Trivedi
Ramesh Oswal
Akshat Gaur