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SRS 2012

Student Research Symposium 2012

This document contains archived material from the 2012 Symposium.

2012 Winners

  • Best Presentation Award: Manaal Faruqui ($500)
  • Honorable Mentions: Long Qin, Reyyan Yeniterzi ($100 each)
  • Best Poster Award: Kenton Murray ($100)
  • Best Software Tool Poster: Michael Denkowski ($100) 

Talk Abstracts

  • Long Qin OOV Word Detection using Hybrid Models with Mixed Types of Fragments 
  • Yulia Tsvetkov and Zaid Md Abdul Wahab Sheikh Identification and Modeling Word Fragments in Conversational Speech 
  • Zhou Yu Automatic Label Cleaning through Human Action Detection 
  • Reyyan Yeniterzi Using Explicit and Implicit Behaviors to Find Experts in Intra-Organizational Social Media 
  • Manaal Faruqui A model of formal and informal address in English
  • Meghana Kshirsagar Techniques to cope with missing data in host-pathogen interaction prediction 
  • Vivian Chen Two-Layer Mutually Enforced Random Walk for Improved Multi-Party Meeting Summarization 

Poster Abstracts

  • Kenton Murray            "The Semantic Scan Statistic"
  • Justin Chiu                "Explorations in Zero-Resource Spoken Term Detection"
  • Sujay Kumar Jauhar    "Re-Assessing Lexical Simplification Quality from a Practically Motivated Standpoint"
  • Mohit Kumar              "Empirical Comparison of Active Learning Strategies for Handling Temporal Drift"
  • Michael Denkowski    "TransCenter: Web-Based Translation Editing and Tracking"
  • Sujay Kumar Jauhar    "SimpLex V0.1 - Scripts for Streamlining Lexical Simplification Learning"
  • Alok Parlikar              "TestVox: Web Based Listening Tests Framework"
  • Jonathan Clark           "Ducttape: Simple, Replicable Exploration of HyperWorkflows"