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SRS 2011

Student Research Symposium 2011

This document contains archived material from the 2011 Symposium.

2011 Winners

  • First Prize : Kevin Gimpel
  • Runners Up: William Wang, Anagha Kulkarni
  • Best Poster: Alok Parlikar

Talk Abstracts

  • Bhavana Dalvi

  • Kevin Gimpel

  • Anagha Kulkarni

  • Anuroop Sririam

  • William Yang Wang

  • Yun Wang

Poster Abstracts

Duo Ding - "Integrate Multilingual Web Search results using Corss-Lingual topic Models"

Mahaveer Jain - "Modeling Accommodation in Conversation using HMMs"

Hyeju Jang - "Word relatives Finder: Inferring Relations from N-gram Data"

Aasish Pappu - "An Analysis of Route Directions"

Alok Parlikar - "Phrase Breaks for Synthetic Voices in Low-Resource Languages"
Avneesh Saluja - "Augmenting Language Models in Speech Translation with Explicit Context and Feedback"

Ravi Starzl - "Shock Disrupts Wound-Healing Immune Signaling Patterns in Rat Skin and Muscle Wounds"