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SRS 2010

Student Research Symposium 2010

This document contains archived material from the 2010 Symposium.

2010 Winners

  • First Prize : Kriti Puniyani
  • Runners Up: Dipanjan Das, Matthew Marge
  • Best Poster: Jonathan Clarke

Talk Abstracts

  • Dipanjan Das "Improved Unsupervised Part-of-Speech tagging (with Bilingual Graph Constraints)"

  • Greg Hanneman "Automatic Category Label Coarsening for Syntax-Based machine Translation"

  • Matthew Marge "Comparing Spoken Language Route Instructions for robots Across Environment Representations"

  • Elijah Mayfield "Enhancing Text Representation in Supervised Learning with Genetic Programming-Based Feature Construction"

  • Subhodeep Moitra "Insights into Correlated Mutations in G-Protein Coupled Receptors"

  • Kriti Puniyani "Automated Gene Expression Analysis from Drosophila Embryo ISH Images"

Poster Abstracts

  • Vamshi Ambati "Multiple Annotation Active Learning for Machine Translation"

  • Jonathan Clark "LoonyBin: A Tool for Managing Experimental HyperWorkflows"

  • Udhyakumar Nallasamy "Discriminative Estimation of Stream Weights for ASR Acoustic Model Combination"